Mariah Carey: Not Diva

Pop singer from United States, Mariah Carey (39 years old) feels her life calmer and need balance life. By balance life, he gets more chance to make qualified music. She also refused diva title given to her. Aware with public attention to her past attitude, in recently time she tries to make better attitude. “I try not to be sucks. I really push myself to be the best figure. I already show extreme bad attitude diva. I don’t want that became my attitude,” she says. Still according to Carey, ”Actually I still have polite standard that I applicable since before known as singer.” She wants exist in also she want become ordinary citizen that far way from glamour world. “I hope can do the both thing together. It is hard thing to do to make balance,” she says. This time she busy to promote her new album, Memoir of An Imperfect Angel in Japan. Beside become singer, Carey also try to explore acting world. “This is what I like: write lyric, make song, and sing. That is me. I also liking film, I enjoyed it,” Carey says