Julia Robert in India

photo: sanluisobispo.com
Youth and village people fulfill house roof in dusty small village at Mirzapur, North India region. They curious to see shooting process of Academy Award winner, Julia Robert (42 years old) for her new movie: Eat, Pray, Love. To keep safe woman who has real name Julia Fiona Robert, some police stand by in shooting location area with tight security. Some body guard also make fence around shooting location to protect her from visitor attacked. Mirzapur is small village far 56 kilometer from south New Delhi, suddenly became attention focus of public, television crew, and photographers. Julia Robert look wears cloth of India woman, with turquoise blue robe and long cloth. This time Julia Robert player role real story of writer named Elizabeth Gilbert, an American woman who tried to forget her pain married memory. She make traveled to Italia, India, and Indonesia (Bali). The shooting take in started with pray from Hindu priest. India newspaper, The Times, reported that priest give Gods of Hindu name to three children of Julia Robert. For twin Hazel and Phinnaeus get name Laxmi and Ganesh, meanwhile Henri get name Khrisna Balram. Laxmi is name for God of Lucky and Wealth, Ganesh for God of Wisdom or Knowledge, and Khrisna is the eighth avatar or reincarnation of the god Vishnu.


Lily Allen Feels Uncomfortable

photo : gossipcenter.com

Lily Allen (24 years old) feels uncomfortable when heard issue that she afraid to forgotten by her fans because people more interesting to another female singer. “I never feel in competition with another female singer. This year is own female singer like La Roux and Little Boot and Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine. I like La Roux, she is my friend. It’s not easy make friend with competitor, but I really like her,” says woman who born on London, England. After released her first single in 2006, Smile, and enjoyed critics and also her success, Allen is keep fight with her popularity. She confessed is difficult to close with another strange person, but in another side she doesn’t want to disappoint them. “Exactly I am shy. I often feel shy when people came and asked my signature. Sometimes I wonder why do this people asked my signature? Really, this is never imaginable,” says Alright, Still album owner. “I feel many people hope that I act more suitable, but I just think like a nurse who must have good manner to everybody for along time,” complaints Allen.


Rumer Willis Wants Play with Parent.

photo : eonline.com

Rumer Willis, daughter of actor Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore, wants to play in the same movie with her parent. She think already have enough experience to face to face acting with her parent. Before she already played in some Hollywood movie included her new horror movie, Sorority Row, Rumer also starring 90210 television serial. Girl who born at Paducah, Kentucky, United States of America on August 16, 1988, already play in some films with her parent. Rumer Willis played together with Demi Moore in Striptease (1996). She also played with Bruce Willis in The Whole Nine Yards (2000) and Hostage (2005). “I want to play with them together (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) in more challenge character,” says Rumer who thinks they can help each other when they play in same movie. “When my father must be act with drain of some emotion, he think need to take long time with looking our picture, his family. But when he (Bruce Willis) plays as father who his daughter kidnapped in Hostage, he doesn’t need to look our picture because we presence in there place….,” explains Rumer who wants to play with her parent not as their daughter.