Britney Spears

There is special thing in Britney Spear (27 years old) world tour goes on. This pop singer companied by her two sons, Jayden (3) and Preston (2). “They like to sing and dance as long as this tour. They even following some routine movements until some show practices,” says Spears to People magazine. “Circus” tour pass trough 26 cities in six months and will be finish in Autralia on November 24. When Britney not watching her two sons, she following some stright schedule to keep her stamina and body shape so she still can wears show customes. She sleep until 09.00 am, then fruit breakfast and nuts, after that playing with Jayden and Preston. After lunch, she will directly to her show place when she will show at that night. In that place, Spears will practices and try to wears new customes. Spears following routine massage, then she take dinner with the dancers and hos boyfriend also her agent, Jason Trawick. There is routineness repeatly and Britney feels no boring. She enjoy this thing and still feel happy everynight before show.