Sienna Miler Get Many Changes

Sienna Miller feel worries about her next performa. She scared will losing her beauty when she get at 30 years old. Artist who born in New York, United States of America, used thight leather cloth in G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra movie. However, Miller says, in ordinary life she always tried to closed some of her body part. Of course the partof body that she think is not perfect. 27 years old artist says,”I am lucky have good metabolism. But I geel not really healthy because did lack of sport exercise. I think this the time me to do some sport exercises.”
“Now I ws 27 years old and was found many changes. This leg looks not really beauty if not covered,” says Miller who starring Stardust and Looking Over : The Edge of Lover movie. “ I am not beauty icon. However, I have uncomfortable to ny body and performa like other people. Just only, sometimes I feel more because many people was watching me,” Miller says.