Deep and Dilliger Character

For Johnny Deep is hard to take of from film character. He must worked hard every times shooting film finished. One of the hardest experiences is to take off himself from John Dilliger character who Deep played in Public Enemy movie. “Separated from Dilliger is like separated from one of my family members,” says Deep seriously. In Public enemy, when somes bank robbed and jails collaps, USA declared war to crimes. Detective Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale), recruitment by FBI to hunted John Dilliger and his friends. Dilligers and friends was mastermid of some robbery and take some victims. John who run from police chased, mixed with society. Dilliger can life relax and joint to other people with suspicious. Even that, he come to special team room for hunted Dillifer without no one known that is Dilleger, the man that they looking for. More clue collected by Melvin succeed bring him to closing Dilleger. But his effort always failed. Dilleger known as royale friend, must losed many friends in his escape effort. Plus, his girl friend must put in jail. In Jakarta, this movie is play on. But I have no time to watching Public Enemy it in theater. Maybe next week.