Jodie Foster as Director

Yes, Jodie Foster (46 yeras old) will be a director again for third times. She will directing and starring movie title The Beaver. This movie story is about a depression man who treatment toys as human. For main actor in The Beaver, chose Mel Gibson (53 years old) who wins Oxvar by Brave Heart film that he was Foster partner in Maverick (1994). “I play as Gibson wife in this film,” Foster say like news quaoted in Variety website. Since 2003 Gibson is as if he leave from acting world, because he rumoured often driving car in drunk condition. For Gibson, this is will be his second film involves. Before, Gibson involves to starring Edge of Darkness movie. Meanwhile plan productionof The Beaver woll be starting production on next September in New York, United States of America (USA). This film, according to, will playing in the teather in 2011. Before The Beaver, Foster had been directror for Litlle Man Tate (1991) and Home for Holidays (1995). Foster who born in California, USA wins oscar for her played in The Accused (1988) and The Silence of the Lamb (1991).