Monogamy of Claire Danes

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Ckaire Danes (30 years old) asked advice to her friends how she can keep faithfully approach her marriage with actor Hugh Dancy. Artist who plays role in Stardust movie curious that the monogamy marriage model still reasonable to followed. Danes also starring in Romeo+Juliet and The Hours will bridge for the first time on September 2009. She will saying marriage vow with Dancy (34 years old), England born actor. Danes and Dancy have planning to come back to France, place where Dancy proposed marriage to this New York born artist in romantic holiday on December last year. “I have intense discusses with my friends about how monogamy possible to follow? Is monogamy still reasonable? I decided, there is no marriage model better than monogamy. Even monogamy demanded discipline and ego sacrificed of each other, but this is must be fun to following,” says Danes quoted from BlackBook magazine. Danes and Dancy make closely relationship since 2009. This spouse met in shooting location for the same film their starring, Evening.