Jennifer Love Hewitt Makes Horror Comic

Star of I Know WhatYou Did Last Summer, Jennifer Love Hewitt (30 years old) hopes that she can be makes “other frigthened” to her fans. Hewitt have plan to publish her horror comic. Star of If Only and TV series Party of Five had makes deal with IDW Publisher to make her horror comic series, The Music Box. The story of comic is about a music box an another strange and weird thing that can be happening to anybody who make contact with it. “This is opportunity to create my own comic and horror likes bad dream comes true. I have challange with idea that us a thing can have evil power like human. When this both power met, or on different goal, bad situation can be happen.”
“I proud to Music Boc. I feel can’t be waiting to see people read it under lamp light of course...,” says Hewitt about her comic will be avaiable on November 2009. One thing still be Hewitt wis is play in Twilight movie series. “I want to be apart of Twilight. Be anything. I willing to be vampire who bring bag of Robert Pattinson in airport,” she says