Monroe Rules

Hollywood artist of this one has obsession to get rules as Marlyn Monroe on the movie. Thatis a plan to remake clasicc movie Like It Hot (1959). Lindsay Lohan rumoured was take photo session to Vogue cover for Spain edition. The same photo session had she done in 2008 for a magozone in New York. Lohan who born in New York on July 2, 2009, feels she has life likes Monroe life. Brett Ratner as the director of this film still denied Lohan ideas, but this is not Lohan give up. Some Like It Hot movie had winned Oscar in 1959. In this fulm Monroe acted as Sugar Kane Kowalczyk. Like Monroe, Lohan decides to give blonde color to her haor. Before that, she gives red color to her hair for her new film, Machete, directed by Robert Rodriguez. He needs 11 hours in saloon to makes her hair really...really blonde. Monroe hair color often changed and it is always make her fans curioused. “It is only for film. Exactly I feel lose my previous hair if I change color,” says Logan who also staring Mean Girl (2004).